Biochemistry Department

The Biochemistry Department in the Pasteur Institute of Iran was established in 1919 and it is one of the oldest departments of Pasteur Institute.

Activities in Progress

  1. Biosynthesis of globin chains and to determine α/β ratio for diagnosis of different kinds of thalassemia
  2. Concentration test of biopterin and neoptrin in urine by HPLC for diagnosis of disorders
  3. Study of enzymes and isoenzymes in diseases
  4. Various techniques of isolation, cultivation and identification of mesenchymal stem cells and methods for their differentiation are carried out by different procedyres.
  5. To perform metabolic and hormonal tests, label antigens by isotopes, metabonomics and metabolomics studies
  6. To synthesize, optimize and express fibroblast growth factor gene, its optimization and expression in itself
  7. To identify the genotype of IDL receptor gene in Iranian patients with familial hypertriglyceridemia colostrums
  8. To evaluate polymorphism of VDR gene in women with osteoporosis after menopause
  9. Molecular study of tuberculosis mycobacterium strains (from the viewpoint of resistance genes-Repair System genes and molecular typing) EMRO-COMSTECH approved international research plan: Genetic analysis of surface merzoite proteins or MSP1 protozoan of plasmodium falciparum
  10. In vitro production of Lambda DNA Size Marker
  11. Tests for blood chemistry parameters
  12. To measure elements by atomic absorption device using Flame, graphite furnace and hydrate systems in biological and chemical fluids
  13. To measure anions and some of the cations by ion chromatography device
  14. Chemical test of water
  15. To hold workshops

Future activities

  1. Establishment of reference laboratories in the Department of Biochemistry
  2. Develop communication and with national and international collaborations
  3. Patent registration

    Image Name of Faculty Member Degree Position

    Shohreh Khatami

    PhD in  Biochemistry

    Head of Department- Associate Professor

      Reza Saghiri

    PhD in Clinical Biochemistry

    Assistant Professor
      Eskandar Omidinia PhD in Biological Products  Professor
      Mohammad Arjmand PhD in Endocrinology Assistant Professor
      Zahra Zamani PhD in Immunology Associate Professor
      Mina Ebrahimi-Rad PhD in Biological Products  Assistant Professor
      Pezhman Fard-Esfahani PhD in Biological Products Assistant Professor
      Mehdi Kadivar PhD in Biological Products Associate Professor
      Roghieh Mirzazadeh PhD, Organic chemistry  
      Sedigheh Sadeghi    
      Soghra Rouhi Dehnabeh