International affairs office Pasteur Institute of Iran (IPI)


"International relations" is deemed as an important aspect to promote multilateral collaborations among various organizations and research centers. International Affairs office of Pasteur Institute of Iran was founded in 1982 in an effort to implement novel international strategies. The vision of Pasteur Institute of Iran is capacity building through scientific, academic and production projects which will be executed by mutual relations with institutes, organizations, universities and companies across the world.

Duties of this office include:
• To analyze international network of Pasteur institutes to discover opportunities.
• To promote the capabilities of Pasteur Institute of Iran within the Institute Pasteur International network.
• To establish systematic communication with universities, research centers and organizations across the world in order to strengthen internal research, training and teaching.
• To look for international scientific opportunities and international grants in order to inform researchers of Pasteur institute of Iran.
• To organize meetings and conferences, seminars and workshops as a promotion strategy.
• To engage with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as international departments of other ministries, organizations and institutes to achieve its vision goals.
• To find global market trading platforms for IPI products.