Mycology Department

Mycology Department of Pasteur Institute of Iran was established in 1975 to diagnose, control and treat fungal infections. This department is active in different fields including diagnosis of various fungal infections, research related to prevention, control and treatment of these infections, identification and classification of fungi and evaluation of primary and secondary fungal metabolites in line with national health goals. Division of Mycology Department's laboratories into 3 separate laboratories naming clinical, basic science and molecular laboratories and relevant research have been the most recent measures.

Activities in progress
Electronic system design and implementation of patient admission (, development of biological bank for pathogenic fungi in Iran, tests to determine drug sensitivity for common antifungal medications, identification of clinical yeast isolates at genus and species level, specialized services for chromatography including TLC and HPLC in isolation, identification and purification of bioactive compounds from natural resources, teaching mycology for PhD and MSc students, accepting interns for training in clinical mycology, thesis of the students, mycology workshops, research plans in different areas of mycology, participation at international scientific assemblies, compilation and translation of books, publication of scientific papers are some examples of its activities in progress.

Future activities
Design of new laboratories, development of existing knowledge in the field of fungal infections emphasizing on systemic kinds, research on biological products and fungal allergens, Design and production of antifungal drugs and vaccines, development of knowledge about mycotoxins and toxin-producing fungi, Molecular identification and classification of fungi, holding workshops, research projects and publishing scientific papers and Compilation of national and international books are some of its future activities. 


 Image  Name  Degree  Position
   Mehdi Razzaghi-Abyaneh  PhD in Medical Mycology  Professor
   Shahindokht Bassiri-Jahromi  MSc in Medical Mycology  Faculty Member  
   Farnoush Asghari Paskiabi  MSc. In Medical Nanotechnology   Faculty Member
  Zahra Jahanshiri Postdoctoral degree in medical mycology  Assistant Professor
  Golnar Sadeghi     Faculty Member