Department of Medical Parasitology

Department of Parasitology was established in 1958. The department consists of 4 laboratories; Medical Parasitology, Medical Entomology, Serology and Molecular Parasitology.

Department of Parasitology has activities in the fields of research, education, manufacturing and service.

 Research activities

  • Research projects on the department's main areas of work (malaria, leishmaniasis, toxoplasmosis, Hydatidosis other transmitted diseases by arthropods).
  • Research project of students. 

 Educational activities

  • To teach postgraduate (MSc) courses in parasitology and microbiology.
  • To hold congresses, seminars, retraining courses, internships.
  • To accomplish graduate student's thesis (MSc, PhD) at different levels.
  • To present scientific abstracts at local and foreign congress.

Manufacturing activities

  • Production of antigens, anti-serum and some diagnostic kits of parasitic diseases.


  • Diagnosis of parasitic diseases
  • Evaluation of insecticides and rodenticide
  • Water testing of parasites

Administrative activities

  • Participation of faculty members in board meetings, National Committees, internal research and education committees
  • Judgment of books and articles in universities and scientific centers  


 Image  Name  Degree  Position
Parviz Parvizi PhD in Medical Parasitology  Head of the Department, Professor
   Saied Reza Naddaf  PhD in Medical Entomology  Associate Professor

 Mohammad Reza Razavi


 PhD in Molecular Biology  Associate Professor

Zarrintaj Valadkhani

 PhD in Medical Parasitology

 Assistant Professor


 Majid Golkar

 PhD in Medical Biotechnology

Associate Professor





 Mahin Farahmand

 PhD in Medical Parasitology

 Assistant Professorr

Naseh Maleki - Ravasan PhD in Medical Entomology and Vector Control
 Faculty member
Mahmoud Nateghi Rostami  PhD of Medical Parasitology (Immuno-parasitology) Faculty member



  Mehdi Asmar PhD Retired Scientists
nourayer Piazak PhD Retired Scientists
Hosseyn Nahrevanian PhD Retired Scientists
  Mohammad Reza Siavashi PhD Retired Scientists

 Ahmad Reza Esmaeili Rastaghi

PhD  Retired Scientists